Arks Rotarea Lawn Care is implementing a “Zero-Contact Service” in response to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. At Rotarea we understand that people are nervous about inviting outsiders into their homes right now. They don’t want to get close to a stranger, they aren’t interested in shaking hands, and they have anxiety about a service technician walking around  their homes touching surfaces.


It’s your assurance that Rotarea is putting safety first. Yours and ours. It begins when you call Rotarea to schedule service. Our customer service representative will inquire about your irrigation or service needs, then they’ll also ask if anyone in your home has been sick with virus symptoms. They’ll ask if you have any special requests for when our service technicians arrive. For instance, if you’d rather they not approach the front door, just pass along your special instructions and we will carry them out.


When our technicians arrive at your home, they’ll follow CDC guidelines, which includes maintaining at least 6-feet of distance between you and them. We ask that you do the same.


Our technicians will also wear appropriate personal protective equipment, which may vary by location and could depend on the situation. Here’s what to expect:

Disposable gloves, latex or nitrile.
Face masks. The type may vary by location and availability. As you probably know, face masks of all kinds are in short supply and are even being rationed in some areas. Hospitals and medical centers are being given higher priority to take delivery of masks before service personnel. Please know that we’re doing everything possible to equip all Rotarea technicians  with all the PPE they need to be safe, but it will likely vary by location. This means your service technician might wear a paper surgical style mask, a cloth surgical mask, an N-95 mask, a dust mask, plastic face shield or even a bandana.