Our primary concern is to make sure you are happy with your yard, so dethatching is only recommended once the layer of thatch gets more than 1/2" thick, preferably in Spring or Fall.

First we will identify and flag your center sprinklers to prevent damage. After that we will remove the thatch with a dethatcher by making two passes in a cross pattern to eliminate as much thatch as possible. Then we will rake up and dispose of the thatch before leaving a self-addressed and stamped envelope, so that you can mail payment at your convenience.

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What We Offer

Lawn Dethatching

Thatch is a soft layer of roots, dead grass clippings, and other debris between the soil and the blades of grass.  A little thatch is a good thing, because it helps with drainage and protects the roots from harsh sunlight and trampling. When thatch gets too thick it starts to prevent air, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots, which causes problems.

Lawn Dethatching